Avenue Interior Systems is the exclusive distributor for Slalom products –designed and manufactured in Italy for use in Office, Educational and Exhibition Facilities

The ECOwall Panel is a thermo bonded sound absorbent panel which can be hung as wall panels, ceiling baffles, or can also be suspended in a standard ceiling grid. Available in three sizes and many fabric finishes, ECOwall is designed to reduce reverberated noise and improve office ambience. Receptive to pins, it can also be used as a noticeboard.

ECOdesk is an effective sound absorbent and sound impediment panel. This versatile product is available in a wide range of styles and sizes depending on the application. It can be installed as desk dividers, wall panels, ceiling baffles and free-standing room dividers.

ECOflex combines flexibility, acoustics and aesthetics into the one innovative panel. Light, flexible and easily transportable, ECOflex is available in a range of heights, widths and designs.

ECOfelt is an effective acoustic insulation which can be used to cover walls, furniture or any surface to reduce reverberation. It is available in rolls or can be cut into shapes and designs to create a decorative acoustic panel. Receptive to pins, and hook and loop (Velcro) dots, it can also be used as a notice board.

ECOstrong is the ideal product for creating free-standing, transportable acoustic dividers in an open-plan office environment. ECOstrong is used readily to create a movable ‘wall’ in a larger room, and is also used to divide workstations, or make small huddle areas for team collaboration. Also available as wall panels and ceiling baffles, this effective acoustic solution will transform any office or education facility.

Avenue Interior Systems provides a range of innovative, lightweight, flexible products used to design free-standing partitions and room dividers. A variety of finishes and styles are available – 360°, PVCpanel, ECOpanel, ECOtex, ECOwood and MICROpanel.

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